St Mary's Primary - Admission Policy Consultation

St Mary's Primary School


St Mary's Primary are consulting on Admissions arrangements for September 2024. Consultation will take place for six weeks between 21st October and 2ndDecember 2022.

In accordance with the statutory requirements, the admission arrangements which the Governing Body propose to publish for admissions from September 2024 onwards are attached.

The proposed change is highlighted.

The rationale for this is that with the current category No 4 giving preference to applicants with siblings in the school applicants with no siblings have to go into category 5.

This means that applicants living in Old Oxted, where there is no sensible means of public transport often do not get in as places go to pupils in Limpsfied, who live nearer as the crow flies.

Please refer to the ecclesiastical parish maps for further clarification

If you would like to comment on the proposed arrangements, please

Additional Documents

Admissions Policy for Entry 2024 R and Year 3 DRAFT.pdf